Who Is in the Internet2 Technology Network?

The Internet2 Technology Network is a consortium of over 200 U.S. research universities working together to develop and deploy advanced network technologies.

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What is Internet2?

Internet2 is a membership community of more than 400 leading U.S. and international research and education institutions that are collaborating to develop and deploy new Internet technologies. The community includes universities, colleges, research centers, government agencies, businesses, and international organizations.

What is the Internet2 Technology Network?

The Internet2 Technology Network is a partnership of more than 200 universities, companies, government agencies, and other organizations that are working together to develop and deploy advanced network technologies. The goal of the network is to create a high-performance, nationwide infrastructure for research and education.

Who is in the Internet2 Technology Network?

The Internet2 Technology Evolution Program (TEP) is a membership community of more than 200 leading organizations that are improving the way the world uses the Internet. This diverse group of members is accelerating development and adoption of advanced network technologies, applications, and tools that are vital to meeting societal goals in research, education, healthcare, security, and global economic competitiveness.

Some members are research universities; others are government agencies, national laboratories, corporations, or non-profit organizations. Still others are regional and state research and education networks (RENs), campus-based R&E computing centers, or high-performance computing facilities. Many members are participants in one or more of Internet2’s other initiatives.

What are the benefits of being in the Internet2 Technology Network?

The Internet2 Technology Network is a consortium of more than 200 research and educational institutions, commercial entities, and government agencies that are working together to develop and deploy advanced networking technologies. The group is also working to promote the development of applications and services that take advantage of these technologies.

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What technologies are used in the Internet2 Technology Network?

The Internet2 Technology Network uses a range of technologies, including optical networking, advanced applications and software, and high-performance computing.

How does the Internet2 Technology Network work?

The Internet2 Technology Network is one of the largest and most advanced research and development networking consortia in the world. It was founded in 1996 by a group of universities, companies, and government agencies who saw the need for a next-generation network that would support the growing demands of research and education.

Today, Internet2 is a not-for-profit membership organization that serves more than 260 member institutions in over 40 countries. These members include universities, research organizations, government agencies, and companies who are committed to advancing the state of the art in networking technology.

Internet2 provides its members with access to a world-class network infrastructure that supports high-speed applications such as video conferencing, remote instrumentation, and large-scale data transfers. In addition, Internet2 is working on developing new technologies that will enable even more powerful applications in the future.

What are the goals of the Internet2 Technology Network?

Internet2 is a U.S.-based not-for-profit advanced networking consortium. Led by the research and education community since 1996, Internet2 promotes collaboration, develops and deploys advanced network applications and technologies, and drives transformation of the research and higher education networking ecosystem.

Together with our members, Internet2 develops and operationalizes breakthrough solutions to help more than 300,000 community anchor institutions across the country to fulfill their missions of teaching students, ensuring patient care, performing cutting-edge research, accelerating economic development and transforming lives.

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Our technology solutions are delivered through three program areas:
1. Trust & Identity: Building a better way for users to identify themselves online while protecting their privacy
2. Inclusive Middleware: Fostering greater collaboration by developing common software platforms that allow different applications to work together
3. Advanced Networking: Creating tomorrow’s Internet today by developing leading-edge network technologies

How can I join the Internet2 Technology Network?

Formed in 1996, Internet2 is a not-for-profit, member-driven advanced technology community founded by the nation’s leading research universities.

Today, Internet2 members include more than 220 U.S. colleges and universities, 70 corporations, 50 state and regional education networks and more than 100 government agencies and affiliates—representing over 94% of the research and education community.

The expansion of the Internet to enable collaboration on a scale never before possible has been one of the most transformational developments of our time. The applications and innovations made possible by high bandwidth, low latency networks are truly game-changing, whether it’s enabling live streaming of surgical procedures from one side of the world to another, or providing new insights into the behavior of subatomic particles.

But as any network administrator will tell you, building and maintaining a high performance network is hard work. Internet2 provides the rallying point, convening power and shared commitment that enables our community to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in research and education.

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What events are held by the Internet2 Technology Network?

The Internet2 Technology Network is a non-profit, membership-driven consortium. Membership is drawn primarily from the research and education community, with representatives from industry and government also taking part. The organization was founded in 1996 by a group of universities who were concerned about the commercialization of the Internet and its potential impact on research and education.

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The Internet2 Technology Network has no single unifying goal, but instead focuses on a range of issues related to the development and use of advanced networking technologies. One of the primary ways in which it does this is through the hosting of events and conferences. These events provide a forum for members to share ideas and discuss issues of common interest.

Some of the events that have been hosted by the Internet2 Technology Network include:
-The biannual Global Summit, which brings together members from around the world to discuss strategic issues and set priorities for the organization
-The Terena Networking Conference, which focuses on topics related to research and education networking
-The annual Inflows conference, which focuses on issues related to network infrastructure and operations
-The annual Internet2 Members Meeting, which provides an opportunity for members to give input on organizational direction and policy

How can I get involved with the Internet2 Technology Network?

There are many ways to get involved with the Internet2 Technology Network. One way is to join an existing project or start a new one. By doing so, you can help shape the future of the Internet and how it is used.

Internet2 is made up of a community of member institutions, companies, and individuals who are committed to working together to develop and deploy advanced networking technologies. Our members include:

-Universities and colleges
-Research laboratories
-Government agencies
-Industry partners
-Individual researchers and developers

If you are interested in joining Internet2, please visit our website at www.internet2.edu/join.

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