Which Bank Has Won Asian Bank Technology Award?

Separately, renowned financial newspaper Euromoney honored DBS Asia’s Best Bank and Asia’s Best Digital Bank in its regional Awards for Excellence 2021.

Similarly, Which bank has won the Asian Banker Achievement Award?

SBI has been named the strongest bank in the Asia Pacific area, winning the coveted Asian Banker Achievement Award.

Also, it is asked, Which bank got the award of bank of the Year 2021 in Nepal?

NMB Bank

Secondly, Which bank has been awarded as the bank of the Year 2018?

NMB Bank

Also, What were the recent awards that the bank has received Icici Bank?

The Asian Banker Excellence in Retail Financial Services International Awards, 2021, named ICICI Bank the ‘Best Retail Bank in India.’ The Bank has earned this award for the ninth consecutive year. In two additional areas, the Bank placed first among all Asian banks.

People also ask, What is the full form ICICI Bank?

Before changing its name to ICICI Bank, the bank was known as the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Bank. Later, the main firm and the bank amalgamated.

Related Questions and Answers

Who is the CEO of NMB Bank?

NMB Bank Nepal / CEO Sunil KC (.–)

Who is the CEO of Kumari bank?

Kumari Bank / CEO Ram Chandra Khanal (–)

Which bank is the bank of the Year?

NMB Bank stated in a statement that it is the first bank in Nepal to obtain this prestigious award, which is a historic milestone for the banking sector. In addition, for the fourth time in five years, the bank has been named “The Bank of the Year 2021 Nepal.”

Which Nepalese bank has been declared as bank of the Year 2020?

the Bank of NMB

Which bank is the bank of the Year 2019?


Which bank is the banker of the bank?

The Reserve Bank serves this job as a banker to banks.

Which is best bank in India?

India’s Top 10 Banks Bank HDFC. India’s State Bank. ICICI Bank is an Indian bank. Axis Bank is a financial institution. Bank Kotak Mahindra Bank IndusInd. Yes Bank. Punjab National Bank is a bank based in Punjab, India.

Which bank in India is rated at top 5 in the world?

1. SBI (State Bank of India): SBI (State Bank of India) is an Indian multinational public sector bank and statutory financial services corporation based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Why ICICI Bank is better than other banks?

In comparison to its bigger counterparts, ICICI was selling at a significant discount. According to Nitin Raheja, Co-Founder of AQF Advisors, the discount is closing and has contributed to ICICI Bank’s outperformance. The corporate-led banks outperform the private banking brands.

Who is Axis Bank owner?

Axis Bank CEO Amitabh Chaudhry (–) Amitabh Chaudhry is the managing director and chief executive officer of Axis Bank, the country’s third biggest private sector bank. He joined Axis in January 2019 after nine years as CEO of HDFC Life Insurance. Wikipedia

What is the full form of Tata?

Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata is the name of the complete form of Tata. In India, it is utilized by businesses, corporations, and companies. Since 1868, India’s sole value-based organization has been a visionary, a pioneer, and a leader.

What is full form of HDFC?

The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited, or HDFC, was one of the first financial organizations in India to acquire Reserve Bank of India (RBI) “in principle” clearance to open a private sector bank.

Which is the safest bank in India?

List of India’s Top 10 Safest Banks India’s State Bank (SBI) Because it is administered by the Indian government and certain shareholders, the State Bank of India may be one of the most trustworthy banks. Bank HDFC. National Bank of Punjab (PNB) ICICI Bank is an Indian bank. Baroda Bank is a bank based in India. Axis Bank is a financial institution. Bank Kotak Mahindra Bank of Canara.

Who is the No 1 private bank in India?

HDFC is the market leader among private banks. HDFC Bank lead the industry in terms of assets and net profit among more than 20 private banks. It is a subsidiary of Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited, which was founded in 1994 in Mumbai, Maharashtra (HDFC)

Which is the richest Bank of India?

HDFC Bank is India’s biggest private bank, both in terms of assets and market capitalization. With a market valuation of $112.76 billion, the corporation is the third biggest on the Indian stock markets.

Who is the CEO of NMB Bank 2021?

Sunil KC –

Who is the CEO of Sunrise Bank?

Sunrise Bank / CEO Suman Sharma (.–)

Which Bank merged with Kumari Bank?

Bank Deva Bikas

Which class Bank is Kumari Bank?

Commercial Bank of A’ Class

Who is the banker of the year 2021?

Sandeep Bakhshi, the managing director (MD) and chief executive officer (CEO) of ICICI Bank, has been named Business Standard Banker of the Year 2020-21 for his role in turning around the private sector lender and transforming public opinion during his three-and-a-half-year term.

Which of the following bank is recently awarded as the best bank among the world?

In its World’s Best Global Banks 2020 Awards, the New York-based financial newspaper Global Finance recognized DBS ‘Best Bank in the World’ for the second time in three years.

Which bank introduced ATM in Nepal?

Himalayan Banking Corporation

Who is the present Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank?

Mr. Maha Prasad Adhikari is a member of the Maha Prasad Adhikari

How many development banks are there in Nepal 2020?

Nepal now has 27 commercial banks, 20 development banks, 22 finance businesses, 85 microfinance institutions, and one infrastructure development bank (NRB, 2020).

Which are the subsidiaries group companies of Icici Bank?

India’s ICICI Bank. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company (ICICI Prudential). ICICI Securities is a brokerage firm based in India. ICICI Securities Primary Dealership Limited (ICICI Securities). General Insurance Company of ICICI Lombard. Prudential Asset Management Company, ICICI. ICICI Venture is an ICICI Bank subsidiary. ICICI Home Finance is a company that provides home loans.

Why Reserve Bank is called bankers bank?

Conclusion. Following these facts, we may conclude that the RBI is known as the bank of banks since it oversees the operations of all banks in the nation. It also regulates the economy’s money supply and financial activities. RBI comes to the rescue at times of crises.

Why central bank is called the bankers bank?

Commercial banks’ cash holdings are held by the Central Bank, which offers loans to them on demand in the same way that commercial banks do for their clients. That is why it is sometimes known as a bank for bankers.

Which bank is known as bankers bank Mcq?


Which bank is better HDFC or SBI?

This makes HDFC Bank a better choice for emergency loans. The average customer rating for HDFC Bank is 4.5. In comparison, SBI has an average customer rating of 3.6, indicating that HDFC Bank prioritizes customer care, has a simple procedure, and responds quickly.

Which bank is most reliable?

Banks, credit unions, and neobanks should avoid: U.S. Bank is the best overall and for customer service. Upgrade is the greatest option overall and for cash-back incentives. Charles Schwab is the greatest overall bank with the most ATMs. Ally Bank is the top overall bank for overdraft possibilities. Alliant Credit Union is the best overall and for rates.

Which is better PNB or BOI?

Overall Rating, Career Opportunities, Compensation & Benefits, Senior Management, CEO Approval, percent Recommend to a Friend, and Positive Business Outlook were all higher for Punjab National Bank. One area where the Bank of India excelled was work-life balance. Both of them are united in one area: culture and values.

Which is the 2nd largest bank in India?

With total assets of roughly Rs 112,024 crore and a network of over 450 branches and offices, ICICI Bank is India’s second-largest bank. ICICI Bank was established in 1994 as a fully owned subsidiary of ICICI Limited, an Indian financial organization.


The “the asian banker transaction finance awards” is a new award that has been given to the best banks in Asia. The award will be given to banks for their innovations in technology and innovation.

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The “steiner zinke” is a bank that has won the Asian Bank Technology Award. It is headquartered in Switzerland and has its headquarters in Shanghai, China.

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