What Technology Does Nike Use?

Nike is a company that is always on the forefront of technology. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the technology that Nike uses to stay ahead of the competition.

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E-commerce Platforms

Nike uses a variety of e-commerce platforms to reach their consumers all over the world. Nike.com is the brand’s primary website where consumers can purchase Nike products and learn more about the company and their athletes. Nike also has apps like Nike+ and Snkrs which allow consumers to purchase shoes and clothes, track their running progress, and get exclusive content from the company. In addition to these direct-to-consumer platforms, Nike also sells their products on third-party websites like Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Foot Locker.

Nike App

Nike App is a mobile application created by Nike, Inc. to provide users with the ability to purchase, track, and customize Nike products. The app also allows users to connect with friends and motivation through challenges and personal trainers.


Nike+ is a technology that Nike uses to enhance the customer’s experience. It is a small device that can be placed in a shoe or on an ankle, and it tracks the wearer’s progress as they run or walk. By tracking progress, Nike+ gives the customer feedback on their workout, helping them to improve their performance. Additionally, Nike+ can be linked to an online account, where customers can view their progress over time and set goals.


NikeiD is a service provided by Nike that allows customers to design and customize their own shoes. NikeiD shoes are made using 3D printing technology, which allows for a variety of different designs and color combinations. Customers can choose from a variety of different materials and colors for their NikeiD shoes, which are then assembled and shipped from Nike’s factory in Beaverton, Oregon.

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Nike+ Fuelband

Nike+ Fuelband is a fitness device, wristband and app that helps people live more active lives by tracking their daily activity and setting goals. The device measures heart rate, steps taken, calories burned and intensity of activity to NikeFuel, a metric that allows users to compare and compete with friends. The Fuelband syncs with the Nike+ app to provide real-time feedback on progress and achievements. It also connects to the wider Nike+ community, where users can share their progress, give and receive encouragement, and set activity challenges.

Nike+ Running

Nike+ is a technology used by Nike, Inc. that allows runners to track and store their runs using GPS via a mobile app or a web-based application. The data from Nike+ can be used to analyze and improve one’s running form, as well as compare progress over time. In addition, Nike+ provides motivation for runners by allowing them to set goals and compete with friends.

Nike+ Training

Nike+ Training is a mobile app that provides personalized workout plans, video exercises and progress tracking to help you reach your fitness goals. The app is free to download on the App Store and Google Play.

Nike+ Training was created in collaboration with Apple and is designed to work with the Nike+ Fuelband SE fitness tracker. The app tracks your activity levels, heart rate and calorie burn, and provides customized workout plans based on your fitness goals.

The app also includes a library of over 100 video exercises,demonstrated by top Nike athletes and trainers. You can filter the exercises by type, intensity and duration, and add them to your custom workout plan.

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Once you’ve completed a workout, Nike+ Training will track your progress and give you feedback on how you’re doing. You can also log workouts manually, or connect to other fitness apps like Runkeeper or MyFitnessPal to import your data.

Nike+ Basketball

Nike+ Basketball is a system that helps athletes track their progress and performance. It consists of a sensor that attaches to the player’s shoe and a mobile app that they can use to track their stats. The sensor measures things like how high the player jumps, how fast they run, and how hard they play. The app then uses this data to give the player feedback on their performance and help them improve their game.

Nike+ Basketball is just one example of the many ways that Nike uses technology to improve its products and services. Other examples include Nike+ Running, which is a similar system for tracking runners’ performances, and NikeID, which allows customers to customize their own Nike shoes.

Nike+ Soccer

Nike+ Soccer is an app that uses technology to help players train and improve their game. The app provides training programs, video analysis, and a community of other players to connect with.

Other Nike Apps

Nike produces a few other apps that don’t solely revolve around selling their products. Nike+ Connec t is an app that allows Nike shoe owners to track their runs with GPS and share them with friends, and also provides tips andchallenges from professional athletes. The Nike+ app is similar, but with a focus on training and coaching rather than just tracking.

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