What Is Wunong Net Technology?

Similarly, What does Wunong net technology do?

Wunong Net Technology Co. Ltd is an e-commerce business that sells food goods. Green food, organic food, heritage food items, pollution-free goods, and more are available from the company. The company’s main principles include food safety, product excellence, and sustainability.

Also, it is asked, What is WNW technology?

PROFILE (WNW) is a corporation that specializes in online and mobile commerce. It sells food goods via online retail outlets and also runs restaurants in China. The company is organized into three reportable segments: Hangcheng Street, Clean Food Platform

Secondly, Will WNW stock go up?

In the previous ten days, the price has climbed six times and is up 2.57 percent in the last two weeks. Volume declined along with the stock on the last day, which is a positive indicator since volume should follow the stock.


Wunong Net Technology is a stock that has been trading on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since November 13, 2005. The company’s headquarters are located in Beijing, China and it was founded by Wang Xiaofeng.

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