What Is Intel Speed Shift Technology?

Intel Speed Shift technology, also known as HWP (Hardware p-state) or Hardware Controlled Performance, allows the processor to more rapidly pick the appropriate operating frequency and voltage for maximum performance and power efficiency with short-duration performance adjustments.

Similarly, Should I disable Intel Speed Shift?

I would suggest leaving speedstep enabled unless you are conducting a short-term high overclock. This is not to say that deactivating speedstep would harm the CPU; it will just increase the amount of power used and the amount of heat produced, therefore the ordinary customer should keep it enabled.

Also, it is asked, What does Intel SpeedStep technology do?

What exactly is EIST (Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology)? Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology enables the system to alter processor voltage and core frequency dynamically, resulting in lower power consumption and heat generation.

Secondly, Does SpeedShift increase performance?

EIST is the portion that controls the clock and voltage. SpeedShift accelerates the changes made by EIST, allowing the CPU to function at its best in terms of performance and economy.


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Intel Speed Shift Technology is a technology that allows the CPU to run at different speeds depending on what it’s doing. It has been in use for quite some time, but was only officially released in 2015. Reference: intel speed shift technology on or off reddit.

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