Ubisoft’s The Crew Hits New Milestone of 12 Million Players

The Crew Milestone

The Crew Hits New Milestone of 12 Million Players.

The Crew is an open-world multiplayer racing game. Set in the big world of United States where players can roam freely or challenge other players for a race. Recently in a blog post, Ubisoft announced that The Crew has hit a new milestone of 12 Million Players which is increasing day by day. The Crew was released almost about 2 years ago in December 2014. It was developed by Ivory Tower Development.

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Some of the executives at Ivory Tower gave special messages, celebrating the new milestone achieved by The Crew.

Stéphane “Fergus” Beley, Game Director says,

Every time I realize how strong and growing our community is, I can’t help but get emotional. Releasing The Crew was a childhood dream come true: building a whole universe dedicated to exploration, competition, adventure, and creating glorious moments with friends or solo, behind the wheel of our favorite rides. I’ve never thought this vision would strike a chord with so many and I am always thankful to see how more and more players connect to this world, filling it with their own challenges and creations. One of them is a screenshot I’ve been using as a wallpaper on my smartphone for over a year now (see pic). It represents everything I like about The Crew: the call of the road, the fact that the destination doesn’t really matter as long as you’re enjoying the journey. And really, ours has just begun!

Moreover, the lead designer of The Crew, Paul Narducci, has his words on reaching the new milestones. He said,

From low-key road trips on country roads to exhilarating chases across the most iconic cities, I’ve lived countless adventures at your side these past two years. And even if I’ve designed a lot of challenges and missions in The Crew, I have to admit I’ve been whipped pretty badly by some of you in PVP! I still have a couple of aces up my sleeve, though, and today I’ll give away one of them: when you want to drift, just hold A & B at the same time – That’s called power drifting, and that’s my gift to all those who keep challenging us, helping us deliver the best experience possible, and giving us the ambition to always go one step further than expected. After all, this is your game too!

We wish Ubisoft and all the designers and programmers behind The Crew a hearty congratulation.

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