Sony Finally Shuts Down PlayStation 3 Production In Japan

Playstation 3 Production Stopped

PlayStation 3 Production Stopped In Japan.

Sony has officially announced that the production of PlayStation 3 in Japan has come to an end. On the official Japenese Playstation Website, Sony announced: “shipments are scheduled to conclude soon”. The PlayStation 3 500 GB version was the only version in Japan. PlayStation 3 was launched in November 2006 and has sold more than 80 Million till now.

PlayStation 3’s production managed to stay for 10 years but still, it doesn’t compete with PS2 whose production went on for about 13 years. PS 3 failed to defeat its competitor, Xbox 360 which outsold PS3 but now Sony has had a great start with the PS4 which is for sure going to cross the PS3 sales. PS4 has already sold out 50m units. Microsoft is coming up with the Xbox Project Scorpio. Which is being called the most powerful console ever built by Microsoft.

Former Sony executive Ken Kutaragi did say that PlayStation 3 will stay for 10 years. However, the console managed to stay for a little longer. The console has had some great exclusive games. The Last of Us and The Uncharted Series is one of them. 

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