New Call of Duty possibly set in WWII

NEW Call of Duty rumored to be set in WWII

Call Of Duty WW 2 possibly happening. Few days ago promotional material sent to the Youtuber “TheFamilyVideoGamers” showed soldiers with WW2 time’s clothing and weapons. Eurogamer confirmed that through some reliable sources the next Call of duty is said to be called Call Of Duty: WWII

“This year’s Call of Duty game is titled Call of Duty: WW2, sources have confirmed to Eurogamer. Developed by Sledgehammer Games, the studio behind 2014’s COD: Advanced Warfare, this new COD will be the first to venture back to the series’ World War roots since 2008’s World at War” – Eurogamer

If its true than this is really a great news for the COD series fans who have been playing Call Of Duty since the beginning. Fans have been waiting for the return of the old CoD era for a long time. The new Cod titles such as Black ops 3 and infinite warfare didn’t broke records like the series used to before. The fans weren’t happy with the futuristic thingy.  Earlier this year one of Activision’s publisher said that in 2017 they will take Call of Duty to its roots which pretty much increases chances that this rumor will turn out to be true.

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