Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition To Launch 12 May.No in-game Voice Chat.

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition Launch

Minecraft is one of the most addictive game. Played by millions of gamers around the world on different platforms such as PC, Mobile and Console. Even there is a Virtual Reality version. But each version has some of its own exclusive content and features. Like the PC and Console version are played on big screens being feature-rich big world but yet it’s not portable. On the other hand, the mobile version is portable but doesn’t have as much feature-rich world as the PC and Console Version.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition.

Nintendo Switch became Nintendo’s the fastest selling console. The console sold more than 906,000 units in the U.S in Feb. Not as powerful as PS4 and Xbox One but it is a “Portable” console that most of the people prefer. You can also play it on a Big screen.

Minecraft is a game that doesn’t need introduction now. But still, for people who don’t know about it, Minecraft is a game where you can build almost anything that you want. You can build your own city, castle or any other thing. Well, it’s not like you can just make a whole city in 1 minute, It takes time. Once you get into the game you might spend hours or maybe days building and designing the world around you or you’ll be just mining for some useful resources. Well, when I first played Minecraft, I got so much addicted that I used to spend hours only mining for resources, then slowly made some friends and built a lot of stuff. People have spent Years building a City. A guy spent 5 years building a castle in Minecraft. Can you believe that? 5 years Building? Yea, this is right. This is so addictive.

Now Minecraft will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. It will be coming 12th of May 1am UTC according to tweet by 4J Studios. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will allow you to explore the world on the go.

You can order Minecraft for your Nintendo Switch here.

No In-Game Voice Chat.

Voice Chat is now a vital part of multiplayer games. Allowing us to save time typing, allowing us to be more clear to our friends. We can’t explain as good with text as we can with verbal communication. This is the only problem with the Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition. Voice Communication, in Minecraft is a must needed thing. I hope they add voice chat support in an update.

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