Metro: Exodus Announced. Details And 5 Minutes Of Gameplay

Metro Exodus

Metro: Exodus Details And Gameplay.

4A Games revealed a brand new Metro during Microsoft’s E3 conference. Just like the previous games of Metro series in Metro Exodus, you will be shooting down mutant animals.

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Metro Exodus, just like previous versions is based on famous Russian Novels by Dimitri Ghlukhosvki. In Metro Exodus, the story spins around the pivot of survivors trying to survive in an underground subway network after a nuclear war.

Metro: Last Light was the last release by the studio which was released back in 2013. Today after 4 years 4A Games revealed their brand new addition to the series. The story takes place in Moscow and continues the story of Metro: Last Light. We will be playing as Artyom. After E3, Baloch comes live with Twitch to talk about the game and gave some details about it.

He said that “We’ve gone up to the surface a couple of times before but as you can see, we are combining the classic Metro experience, which is these linear levels that were underground, with these sandbox levels. There`s a lot more exploration and chance to experience the world and do a lot more things.”

Metro Exodus will be revealed in 2018 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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