For Honor Season 2 Update. New Heroes and Maps revealed.

For honor season 2 new heroes

For Honor was launched 14 Feb. 2017.  “For Honor is a hack and slash fighting game developed and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.” – Wikipedia. For Honor got 6/10 rating by Steam. It scored 8/10 for Gamespot as well as for IGN.

As the launch of Season 2 of For Honor is getting closer, Ubisoft has launched some new trailers showing of the new Maps and Heroes to get the attention of million of gamers around the world. We will have a look at all the trailers below.

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For Honor Season 2 teaser.

For Honor Season 2 CGI teaser. The season 2, “Shadow and Might” will bring some new characters, maps and some additional content that will enhance your gameplay. Also, there will be new customization items.

For Honor Season 2 New Maps.

Two new maps have been introduced that will feature in the new season. One of the new maps has been named as “The Forge” and other as “The Temple Garden“.

The Forge map preview:

“Very few industries remain in Ashfeld, but the nonstop war machine has a constant need for steel. Weapons, armor, and even the currency all require steel. Forges dot the landscape, and they need to work all day to meet the unending demand. Control the Forge and you will control the tide of war. But be careful, the Forge can be a very dangerous place.”

The Temple Garden map preview:

“Were it not a battleground, the Temple Garden would be one of the most beautiful and serene spaces. It is open and has an incredible view of the valley below. It’s a shame that the view is what made this place so strategically important.”

For Honor Season 2 New Heroes.

Along with some new maps, new heroes have also been introduced. The two new heroes have been named as “The Shinobi” and “The Centurion”.

Take a look at The Shinobi gameplay preview trailer. The Shinobi is a Samurai Assassin who wields the Japenese Kusarigama.

Meet the second hero The Centurion. Centurion is the Knight Hybrid who wields the Gladius.

New maps and gameplay updates will be free for everyone on 16 May when For Honor Season 2 will launch. However, the new heroes will only be available to those own the season pass at the start of Season 2. For those who don’t own season pass will have to unlock the heroes in-game.

According to IGN Ubisoft will hold a live stream tournament to show off the new gameplay contents of the Season 2. The event will be streamed here on May 15, 10 pm UK (-4 GMT).

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