Facebook Messenger’s virtual assistant M Gets New AI Features-USA users only

Facebook’s M AI gets new features

Last year Facebook introduced M, a new AI virtual assistant available only in for messenger users living in USA. Now Facebook has updated it and have added some new features that will bring ease in talking to your friends. M is still limited to users living in US but it’ll soon be available for all the messenger users around the globe.

Facebook’s AI virtual assistant ‘M’ gets some new features. Facebook said in a blog this Thursday that M will now offer suggestions while you are chatting with your friends on messenger.

M will eavesdrop while you are talking to your friend and it will know whether you are talking about buying something from him or making a plan and it will pop up some suggestions.

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New Features

M can now perform/give the following suggestions while you are talking to your friend or anyone on messenger. From suggesting to send stickers to making plans.

  • Sending Stickers: Saying “good bye or thank you” ? Do it by sending them stickers. While greeting or thanking someone M will suggest you some stickers that you may send to your friend.
  • Paying Money or Requesting Money: Short on money or have to pay someone? Talking about payment will give you options for sending or receiving money.
  • Sharing your location: It can help you share your current location with your friends.
  • Getting Ride: It can suggest you to get a ride from uber or lyft while you are talking about going somwhere.
  • Making plans: While you are talking about a hangout or family get together M will help you making a plan with your friends.
  • Starting a poll: You can start polls on any topic. This feature is only available in group chat.

However M, till now, is only available in the United States but soon it will be available for all the Messenger Users around the globe. If you have used M do provide us with how good is it and does it really bring a huge change in using the messenger app? Stay tuned to TheTechsLab for further information.

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