AMD Radeon Pro Duo released with 32 GB of VRAM for $999

AMD Radeon Pro Duo

AMD has today announced its new dual GPU card the new AMD Radeon Pro Duo targeting the professional sector.

AMD Radeon Pro Duo.

The Radeon Pro DUO is loaded with 2 14 nm Polaris architecture based GPUs each of which contains 2,304 stream processors, 128 texture units, 32 ROPs, 72 compute units and 16GB of VRAM (32 GB in total). This Card is quite different from the Pro Duo that was released last year.

AMD Power Of Duo.

As said by Jonathan Winbush, Founder & Creative Director,

“In developing 4K 360 VR content, the biggest hurdle is the tech, because as an artist, I just want to create and not worry about limitations of the hardware. With the new Radeon Pro Duo, I immediately saw a speed difference of up to 2X, allowing me to push the boundaries of my projects without having to compromise on creativity or productivity.”

AMD Radeon Pro Duo Complete Specs.

Pro Duo Specs

When Will it be available?

The new graphics card is said to be released next month for $999. We will keep updating you with the latest news. Keep Visiting The Techs Lab

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